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Eva Butler | February 17, 2015 | 0

Many people select Australia as their intended destination for settlement. However, it is not easy to just decide, pack your bags, get to the destination of your choice, and simply start living there. Every country has its own laws and regulations while inviting people to be immigrants. The process of obtaining an immigrant visa is long and tedious, with many ups and downs. This is the time when an immigration consultant comes to your rescue and guides to realize your dream. One such dedicated migration agents Perth services are LWSMA or LWS Migration Advisory, founded by Edith Leung, who, as an international student desirous of settling in Australia years ago, have experienced the complex process herself.


LWS Migration Advisory is a private company that offers migration visa advice and assistance to people who are planning to obtain a visa for visiting Australia. LWS Migration Advisory offer different visa packages to suit individual needs. Their packages are Application Review pack, Corporate Service pack, Economy Service pack, and Premium Service pack.

Application Review pack is for applicants who are planning to apply on their own and have a form filled up, ready for submission. However, a migration agent helps review the completed application and advises points to strengthen the case.

Corporate Service pack assists Australian businesses in retaining or sponsoring overseas talent to work for the betterment of the company. LWS Mjgratory Advisory oversees the entire sponsorship process so that the business house can concentrate on company work.

Economy Service pack is for applicants confident enough to file their own case with minimal guidance. Nevertheless, the migration advisory agent, at a predetermined consultation fee, offers help to channelize the process and prepares the candidate thoroughly for the interview.

Premium Service pack is for people with time constraints and who opt for an entire migration agents Perth services. This includes submission of form and further processes. In premium package, every detail is managed by a professional.

Obtaining a visa is a very tricky process and as luck would have it, there are quite a few rejection cases as well. This is due to wrong representation of the case and weak preparation for the visa interview. Thus, it is essential to hire the services of experienced and trusted names. LWS Migration Advisory is a registered member of Migration Alliance, a body that governs the ethical code of conduct for agents. This binds them to give a fair and proper service to clients and hence, it is beneficial for people who are trying to avail the services of the firm.

As established visa agents Perth has to offer, LWS Migratory Advisory has helped many prospective applicants to successfully file their visa petition and in turn, has got Australia the required skilled professionals to boost the work environment. Summarizing the situation, we can say that it is a win-win case for both the visa applicant and the country. For one, it is a dream come true and for the other, it is a source for development and growth. Thus, if you are planning to migrate in Australia and look for the best migration agents Perth services, then contact LSW Migration Advisory on +61 4 5002 9744 (0450 029 744) or at and permit them to help you realize your immigration dream.